Dr. Mamta Rane


From the esteemed Gurukul College of Commerce in Ghatkopar East, Mumbai, where learning, creativity, and striving for success are longstanding traditions, Greetings.

Established in 2001, the institution operates under the parent trust Mumbai Pradesh Arya Vidya Sabha and takes pride in offering its students an integrated, inclusive, and comprehensive education. Gurukul moulds young brains to become responsible citizens of future and assets to the country in a happy, tidy, and energetic atmosphere. We are affiliated to the University of Mumbai, and also NAAC accredited. We hold ISO certifications for 21001, 14001, and 50001. We are particularly proud of our teachers, who not only quench students’ lifelong curiosity but also serve as lifelong mentors to them. Pupils show affection by interacting with one another and performing well in both extracurricular and academic activities. Our college is also proud of its robust outreach initiatives that empower youth to engage with marginalized groups in society and take significant actions to effect good change. Our non-teaching personnel, who make up the core of the college, work tirelessly to make sure everything runs smoothly. We provide our wards with higher education in a modern and ambient setting, complete with computer labs, fully furnished gymnasium, auditorium, open-air theatre, library, and audio-visual room. Our classrooms are outfitted with LCD projectors and whiteboards. We offer the B.Com, B.A.F., B.B.I., B.M.S., M.Com. (Accountancy), and M.Com. (Business Management) programs. In addition to following university guidelines, we support students’ holistic growth by providing sixteen skill- and value-based programs.

Without the assistance and direction of the management, none of the aforementioned would have been feasible. Their unwavering and resolute backing ensures that our accomplishments rise steadily and quickly.

Taking the opportunity to paraphrase Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, “The purpose of education is to make good human being with skill and expertise. Enlightened human being can be created by teachers”