Dr. Nandita Roy


With a rich experience of 31 years in academia, Principal Dr. Nandita Roy has completed her Ph. D specializing in English Literature. She is guide for M. Phil and Ph. D research scholars of University of Mumbai. Till date 02 M. Phil and 05 PhD research scholars have been awarded their degrees under her guidance. She is also a prominent invitee of LIC visit team, Interview panels and Resource Person for the refresher Courses conducted by the University of Mumbai. She has chaired sessions in National and International Conferences and has presented papers in the Universities of Columbia, Lisbon, Winchester, Bangkok and Ardahan (Turkey).She looks after the smooth running of the college and motivates employees to reach out higher that enables individual professional growth as well as overall development of the institution.

Ms. Janhavi Rao

Vice Principal and HOD Commerce & Allied Subjects

After joining the institution in 2007, Ms. Janhavi Rao is currently the Vice-Principal of the college. She has completed her M.Com, MBA (HR), NET. She is pursuing her Ph. D in Commerce from University of Mumbai. She has completed her Minor Research Project at the University of Mumbai. Her subjects of specialization include Marketing, Human Resources Management, General Management, Commerce etc. She is determined with the sole vision of making the organization grow with constant innovation and motivation. Filled with zeal and enthusiasm she is a go-getter and believes in working with team spirit and optimism.

Dr. A Mahesh Kumar

HOD Economics

With an experience of 12 Years, Dr. A Maheshkumar has completed M.A. M.Phil and NET in Economics. He has also completed his Ph. D in Economics on the topic “An Economic analysis of the upliftment of fisherman folk through marine fisheries co- operative societies in Kanyakumari District”. He has presented many research Papers in National and International Conferences and reputed Journals. With a kind and ready to help attitude, he is always committed and dedicated to his work.

Dr. Asif Baig

HOD Accountancy/M.Com Co-ordinator(Advanced Accountancy)/IQAC Co-ordinator

Having completed B.ED, M.Com, M.Phil, MBA (Finance), NET and Ph. D he started his career with an industry experience of more than 5 years and shifted his base to teaching and has 14 years of experience in subjects like Financial Accounts and Taxation. He has also completed his Minor Research Project “A Study on Investment Pattern of Working Women in Mumbai”. He has authored more than 14 books in subjects like Finance and Tax. A meticulous planner and a keen observer with numbers on mind, he has a natural ability to build strategies towards quality improvement.<\p>

Dr. Hemal Vora

M.Com Co-ordinator

With more than 13 years of experience Dr. Hemal Vora has completed his M.Com, MA (Eco), M.Phil, MBA (Banking and Finance), B.ED, NET and Ph.D. He has completed Minor research Project in “Emotional Intelligence of Degree College Faculties with reference to Mumbai Colleges”. He specializes in teaching Accountancy and Financial Management, Cost & Management Accountancy and Auditing. A much admired faculty amongst students and cool headed individual, he manages complicated tasks with simplicity and has been gifted with an unique art of looking at things beyond the eyes of ordinary thinkers.

Dr. Kajal Chheda

Add On Course Co-ordinator

Dr. Kajal Chheda has completed her M.Com, MBA (HR), NET, and PhD in Commerce from Pune University. She is also a Certified NLP Practitioner. Having a flair for teaching subjects like Marketing, HRM, Finance, Commerce, Management etc for more than 12 years. she always comes up with pioneering and interesting teaching pedagogies. She has completed Minor Research Project in “A Study on Port Led Development in Gandhidham, Kutch, Gujrat”. She has presented and published many research Papers in National, International Conferences and reputed Journals. During her tenure as NSS Programme Officer College had received Best College in creating awareness in Aids Awareness from NACO and Red Ribbon Club.

Dr. Vijayabharti Jain

Asst. Professor

M.Com (Gold Medalist) and Certified Tax Return preparer, she teaches subjects related to Finance, Costing, and Taxation. Her PhD research is in “Priority sector lending in Punjab National Bank with Special reference to Jabalpur city”. She has Completed Minor Research Project in “Work life balance of women with reference to Mumbai Suburbs”. Dr. Vijaybharti Jain ensures timely completion of tasks assigned and is well known for the pace of her work with a positive approach.

Ms. Radha Nitin

Asst. Professor

With an experience of 15 years she has completed her M. Phil in 1992. M. A. 1st Rank holder and a Gold medalist in Department of Political Science and Public Administration her area of teaching is Foundation Course, Business Communication, Principles of Management and Business Ethics. She practices what she preaches and is a keen believer of women empowerment alongwith being socially active towards the upliftment of women folk.

Dr. Piyush Anam

Placement Co-ordinator

Dr. Piyush Anam has completed M.Com in Accountancy and Banking, M.A in Marathi, M. Phil in Commerce, B.Ed , SET ,LLB and PhD in Commerce. Having served this college for 14 years, he has always believed in learning and teaching new subjects. He teaches Business Law, Business Communication, Foundation Course, Commerce, Strategic Management and International Marketing & Finance. He has taken keen interest in contributing to the campus placements of the college. He is a TCS certified soft skill trainer. He is the melodious voice of Gurukul and has won many prizes in various inter college competitions.

Mr. Zainuddin Khan

Asst. Professor

Having M. Phil in Commerce he is on the verge of completing his Ph. D in Commerce. He has completed his M.Com in Accountancy, MBA in Finance, B. Ed , SET with over 10 years of experience. He has a vast knowledge of accountancy and he impart this to the students in a simple and understandable manner. Financial Accounting, Taxation,Financial Management, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting are his subject specializations.. He has presented and published research papers at various conferences and seminars.

Dr. Mamta Rane

Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension Co-ordinator

She is associated with the college from its inception with a good experience of 20 years. She holds a PhD degree, M.Com in Commerce, MBA in Marketing. She teaches Advertising, subjects related to Management, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Customer Relationship Management etc. She has presented and published many papers at various levels. She is popular among the students for her teaching skills and is a great anchor.

Dr. Priti Ghag

Self Financing Course Co-ordinator

With a vast experience of over 18 years, she has completed her M.A and PhD in Economics. She teaches subjects like Financial Marketing Operations, Central banking, Business Economics etc. She is an out of the box thinker with unique thought processes that induces to work in the betterment of the institution. She has good leadership qualities and believes to add fun to work making work an enjoyable experience for herself and people around.

Ms. Kripa Thakkar

In-charge BMS

She has an experience of 14 years with M.Com and M.Phil in Accountancy. She submitted her PhD Thesis in commerce and is awaiting for viva. Her research topic is on “Entrepreneur’s attitude towards the performance of venture capital fund companies in Mumbai’. She teaches Management Accounts, Cost Accounts, Financial Accounts, Auditing, Financial reporting Analysis etc. She has presented many papers at State and National levels.. She is actively involved in the student council activities and also being the staff secretary she looks into overall aspects related to staff.

Ms. Sunita Poojary

Asst. Professor

Ms. Sunita Poojari holds a M.Sc Degree in Mathematics and MBA in Human Resources. She is pursuing her Ph. D in Mathematics and teaches Mathematics and Statistics, Quantitative Methods and Research Methodology. She is a good organizer, a silent observer and a calm thinker with a flair of conducting things in a systematic manner. She has an experience of 12 years.

Mr. Rajendra Vare

In-charge B.Com (Accounting and Finance)/NSS Programme Officer

Well – known for maintaining discipline, he has completed his M.Com in Accountancy and possesses an experience of 12 years. He has submitted his Ph. D thesis on “ A study on buying behavior of metro city consumers towards branded instant food products with special reference to Mumbai city”. He is known for his constructive approach of life and his readiness to embrace any eventuality that comes his way.

Ms. Chetna Panchal

Asst. Professor

While working in this institution since last 11 years Ms. Chetna Panchal is pursuing her Ph.D in mathematics. Her topic of research is “ A study on Bipolar valued I- Fuzzy ideal for a ring”. She teaches mathematics and statistics, quantitative methods and research methodology. With a very steadfast approach, she takes active part in channelizing the assigned work in an appropriate way.

Ms. Kanchan Lotale

NSS Programme Officer

With a background of being a former practicing Lawyer, Ms. Kanchan Lotale specializes in teaching subjects related to Law. She has completed her LLB and LLM and is the NSS Programme Officer of the college. She has completed more than 10 years of service and has elevated the reputation of the college by being actively involved in organizing social activities. She has been currently appointed as the NSS Area Co-ordinator by the University of Mumbai in 2019.

Mr. Soumil Deliwala

I.T. Co-ordinator

Having expertise in the area of technology, Mr. Soumil Deliwala looks into the overall information and communication technology aspects related to academics as well as administration. After completing his M.E in Computer Science, he has served the institution for more than 8 years. Possessing innovative skills, he ensures using technology into optimum utilization in various arenas.

Ms. Anagha Kulkarni

Director of Sports and Physical Education

After joining the institution in 2018 as Director of Sports and Physical education, she has taken keen interest in enriching the sports activities and encouraging students to participate in sports at various levels. She has completed her B. Sc, NET, SET, BP Ed, M P Ed, and is pursuing Ph. D. She also has completed her Masters in Social Work (MSW) and is inclined towards social service in the advancement of the society.

Mr. Sagar Salgaonkar


Mr. Sagar Salgaonkar has joined our institution as the Librarian in 2018. He has completed BA (History), Bachelor and Masters in Library Science along with NET in the same subject. He is very active and a dynamic individual who takes active involvement in the maintenance, development and upgradation of the library resources.

Ms. Sonali Devadiga

Asst. Professor

A passionate and enthusiastic learner, Ms. Sonali Devadiga has made the institution proud by elevating herself from student, to an alumni and now a teaching faculty of our college. She has joined the institution in 2019 after completing her M.Com. She teaches Foundation Course, Principles of Management and Business communication.

Dr. Upendra Tiwari

Asst. Professor

Dr. Upendra Tiwari is associated with this college for more than a decade teaching Environmental Science and Foundation Course. He has completed M.A. and Ph. D in Geography.

Ms.Lucy Gosar

Asst. Professor

Having a long association with this institution for more than 15 years as a visiting faculty, Lucy Gosar teaches Advertising, Commerce, Export Marketing, Financial Markets and Business Communication.

Ms Satyavati Rao

Asst. Professor

Holding a vast experience of 27 years, Ms. Satyawati Rao specializes in Mathematics, Statistics, Operation Research & Research Methodology and has joined the institution in 2019

Mr. Rishikesh Jawarkar

Asst. Professor

Having 2 years of corporate and teaching experience, he specializes in Economics. He has joined the institution in 2019 and has completed MA (Eco) and NET.

Administrative Staff

Ms. Nandini Patil

Head Clerk

Mr. Ajay Rakshe

Senior Clerk

Ms. Minal Baing

Senior Clerk

Ms. Shraddha Naik

Junior Clerk

Ms. Mita Chheda

Junior Clerk

Ms. Amrita Singh

Junior Clerk
Support Staff

Mr. Ashok Zende

Mr. Pravin Waydande

Mr. Vishwanath Kamthe

Ms. Archana Avhad

Mr. Mukesh Sharma

Mr. Subhajit Let

Mr. Ninad Kedare

Mr. Rajesh Nitnavare