Undergraduate Program



The B.Com Program is a very pragmatic program that mentors student to meet industry expectations. The revised syllabus aims to mould the student so as to give them practical Insights into different area of Industry like Commerce, Accountancy, taxation, Law, Management etc. The course has been structured in such a way that it helps students to have a lead in the market. This course also aims at all round personality development of student by encouraging extra-curricular activities

A candidate, in order to be eligible for admission to the three year degree course leading to Bachelor of Commerce Degree, must have passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate (std.XII) Examination conducted by different Divisional Boards of Maharashtra State of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.




Must have passed the higher secondary school certificate (std.XII) Examination with vocational subject / minimum competency based vocational course conduct by different divisional boards of Maharashtra state board of secondary and higher secondary education.




Must have passed an examination of another university or body recognized as equivalent of higher secondary School Certificate (std.XII) examination. (Eligibility certificate issued by university of Mumbai to be submitted).

Accountancy and Financial Management I Accountancy and Financial Management II Accountancy and Financial Management III Accountancy and Financial Management IV Accountancy and Financial Auditing VII Accountancy and Financial Auditing VIII
Commerce I Commerce II Accountancy and Financial Auditing V- Management Accounting Accountancy and Financial Auditing VI – Auditing Accountancy and Financial Auditing IX Cost Accounting Accountancy and Financial Auditing X Cost Accounting
Business Economics I Business Economics II Commerce III Commerce IV Commerce : Marketing Commerce : Human Resource Management
Business Communication I Business Communication II Business Economics III Business Economics IV Business Economics – Paper-V Business Economics – Paper-VI
Environmental Studies I Environmental Studies II Advertising I Advertising II Direct & Indirect Taxation -I Direct & Indirect Taxation –II
Foundation Course I Foundation Course II Foundation Course III Foundation Course IV Computer System &Application / Export Marketing Computer System &Application / Export Marketing
Mathematical and statistical Techniques I Mathematical and statistical Techniques II Business Law I Business Law II

Department of Commerce and Allied Subjects

Dr. Mamta Rane

Department of Accountancy

Dr. Asif Baig

Department of Economics

Dr. A Mahesh Kumar

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