As per Ordinance No. 0.6086 (Attendance for learners) Every bonafide learner shall ordinarily be allowed to keep terms for the given semester in a program of his enrolment, only if he fulfills at least seventy five percent (75%) of the attendance taken as an average of the total number of lectures, practicals , tutorials etc., wherein short and/or long excursions/ field visits/study tours organized by the college and supervised by the teachers as envisaged in the syllabus shall be credited to his attendance for the total no. of periods which are otherwise delivered on the material day/s. Further, it is mandatory for every learner to have a minimum of 50% attendance for each course and average attendance has to be 75 %. Attendance by proxy is a serious act of indiscipline.

At the end of the semester, on recommendation of the attendance committee, the Principal/Head/ Department/ Committee convenor shall display list (Blacklist) of learners who are not allowed to keep terms, allowing them to appeal to the In- charge within 3 days from the date of display of notice. After disposing the appeal the Principal/Head shall intimate the same to the In-charge of Examination to withdraw such defaulters examination forms and ensure the same to be communicated to the learner atleast 10 clear days before the commencement of respective examinations.

Those students who on account of illness or any other valid reason wish to take leave should apply to the Principal for leave of absence within three days from the date of commencement of such leave or else they will be treated as defaulters.

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